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Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs For Sale


CALL US TODAY. We do things differently than any kennel we know of in this business. Rather than post endless photos and videos of our dogs who are available or those who have been sold we want to address your needs first. We want to help guide you to the right dog for your family. The first thing that should happen now is your call to Wolfsbane K9. After a conversation gets things rolling we can tell you which dogs we have who may be the one you need.

Next we will send you  photos and videos of the dogs we discussed. If we have the perfect dog and you are comfortable with the deal we can move forward with the business side of your purchase. The online contract and easy payment system online will give you the confidence you need to begin this life with your new Belgian Malinois.

Los Angeles, New York, Miami

Belgian Malinois Protection Dog Prices and Information. Get the one on one service you deserve. Let’s chat via phone or FaceTime and we’ll answer all of your questions. Superior protection dogs are in stock now and ready to join your family.

At Wolfsbane K9 we are not about Police K9s or military dogs. We focus our attention on Belgian Malinois dogs for personal and family protection dogs. These great dogs serve as excellent family companions for one person or a whole house full. Each one is trained and tested to be people friendly and goBelgian Malinois KNPVod with other animals. And every dog we sell is guaranteed in the contract to be healthy and suitable for your unique lifestyle. We know of no other kennel with an iron-clad guarantee that matches ours.

We have several very nice Belgian Malinois Personal Protection Dogs in training for sale. The level of training varies from simple obedience to fully trained protection K9s. Pricing for protection dogs is based on many factors. Obedience only dogs means the dog will be a wonderful companion and watchdog. He’ll be fully trained in obedience on and off-leash with distractions and you will not need a collar to shock him if he doesn’t follow commands.

A fully trained personal or family protection dog will defend you or the family under any circumstances. The dog’s obedience will be very good on and off-leash. In addition, the dog may be titled in KNPV, French Ring or Mondio Ring. To get our seal of approval the dog must be nothing short of amazing. Prices for this type of dog will begin at $25,000.

Remember that most of our dogs never make it to the website because they sell first. If you want a Wolfsbane K9 please contact us today.

Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs For Sale

Wolfsbane K9 is known for selling fully trained, personal protection Belgian Malinois dogs that do the job in real world circumstances and not just on a sporting field such as IGP. Celebrities, athletes, government officials and many others buy dogs from us. But, we take great pride in knowing that our dogs are protecting regular families perhaps like yours.

“The staff at Wolfsbane are VERY knowledgeable, professional AND helpful. Not just during the purchase process, but for the entire time you have the dog.” Mindi – Nerbraska USA

Our dogs are trained to search your home, protect your car or your kids in the backyard. Our “bad guys” wear bite gear that is totally hidden from the dog’s view. This means the dog is not equipment oriented. He is trained to fight a real world attacker without giving up. We do not call our trained dogs names such as “elite personal protection dogs” or “executive protection dogs” because this means nothing to you as an owner.

“We had such a wonderful easy experience buying from Wolfsbane K9. They are very knowledgeable and were eager to answer any and all questions we had. We purchased a pup back in July ’16 and he is absolutely wonderful and extremely smart. He took to training very quickly and easily. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you guys.” Mallory – Tennessee USA

The question comes down to whether or not the dog will do the job and we think our dogs will do it better than anyone’s. That’s why we offer a guarantee that is second to none in the business. Your dog from Wolfsbane K9 will be the best that money can buy and you will be 100% satisfied. We’ll accept nothing less.

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