We are Belgian Malinois breeders, importers and trainers. Based on our reputation for quality dogs we offer some of the finest puppies in the world from our own Holland and Czech imported parents. We raise only Belgian Malinois puppies and we limit the litters per year and per dog to make sure we turn out only the best working dogs. We will never have more than 6 litters of puppies per year. We are not a puppy mill and buyers are carefully selected. Yes, our puppies do cost more than some but you get what you pay for and those who want a better dog understand this. That is why our litters sell out for up to a year or more in advance.

Wolfsbane K9 puppies are bred to be natural workers with strong prey drive. We pay close attention to the hips and elbows of the parents and emphasize strong boned, dysplasia and congenital defect free puppies. While some places subscribe to the notion that any two dogs can produce quality pups, we do not. Both parents are fully trained, working dogs because we know puppies will get their abilities and traits from both the male and female parent. As far as we know Wolfsbane K9 is the only kennel in America to offer puppies from parents who are both titled KNPV PH1 working dogs.

Please check this page for planned litters, updates on puppy arrivals and photos. In addition you may contact us to get information at any time. ​​​​​​​​

 Current and Upcoming Litters 

We currently have no puppies for sale however we will have some superb litters this year. However we are taking deposits now for 2018 litters …..

Dana – Morris Litter
We are pleased to announce that K9 Dana will is now bred with K9 Morris with the puppies ready to go home around August 1st, 2018.. Dana is known to produce high drive puppies with many working in different areas around the world. Morris remains our primary stud dog with his high scoring KNPV PH1 title. Both parents are imported from Holland and have excellent KNPV lines. This will be our first litter of 2018 and the puppies are priced at $2200 plus shipping. We expect a mix of black puppies and dark sables as well. Go to our Facebook page to see a video of some of Dana’s past puppies. You’ll be very impressed.

Nemy – Morris
We are super excited to announce the breeding of K9 Nemy  to K9 Morris. This will be another incredible litter of puppies which should be ready to go home around September 1, 2018. Both dogs are direct imports from Holland and are dark sable in color. Morris holds a KNPV PH1 title with a perfect score and Nemy comes from a long pedigree of KNPV dogs. The puppies are $2500 plus shipping with a signed contract and $500 deposit needed to secure your spot. We are accepting deposits now and you may reach out for more information using the contact form at the bottom of any page or on the Contact Us page.

Other Females Who Will Possibly Be Bred in 2018
Raika  Celida  Claire Rieka  Mishka

Clients who buy a puppy will also be offered our Puppy Head Start Training Program in 2 Levels this year. Level 1 is $1000 and Level 2 is $2000. (New for 2018)

As always we are happy to offer past and present military members as well as LEO a 10% discount off the price of the dog. If you have questions we are here to help. Email or call us please.

The Puppy Headstart Training Program

Realizing that many clients don’t have the time nor skills to train a new puppy Wolfsbane K9 began our puppy training program to benefit clients and dogs. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Over the 3 or 6 week course we teach your puppy to master all of the basic on leash obedience commands. He’ll also be exposed to various environmental  factors such as outdoor walks, horses, cats and so forth. The puppy will be in constant exposure to small children who will actually participate in the training. Crate training and house training are also included. A video of your puppy showing you how to work with him will also be included. When you get the puppy at around 12 weeks old you’ll be able to start enjoying him on day one. The price is $1000 or $2000 and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

“Many thanks for the email with the video and Vaccinations for Cairo. He has been truly an amazing dog, and for the first time has made my wife a believer, which is no easy feat within itself. He and my son play great together, which I hope to get some pictures and video’s to you, as it truly is just mind blowing the way he can go from playing with my son to relaxed in his kennel or doing obedience. I am more and more impressed each day with him.”
Mark J. – Chicago USA

Belgian Malinois Puppies

Top KNPV Bloodlines Produce Excellent Puppies. Matching the right puppy with the right client makes for a win / win relationship for life.