We are Belgian Malinois breeders, importers and trainers. Based on our reputation for quality dogs we offer some of the finest puppies in the world from our own Holland and Czech imported parents. We raise only Belgian Malinois puppies and we limit the litters per year and per dog to make sure we turn out only the best working dogs. We will never have more than 5 litters of puppies per year. We are not a puppy mill and buyers are carefully selected. Yes, our puppies do cost more than some but you get what you pay for and those who want a better dog understand this. That is why our litters sell out for up to a year or more in advance.

Wolfsbane K9 puppies are bred to be natural workers with strong prey drive. We pay close attention to the hips and elbows of the parents and emphasize strong boned, dysplasia and congenital defect free puppies. While some places subscribe to the notion that any two dogs can produce quality pups, we do not. Both parents are fully trained, working dogs because we know puppies will get their abilities and traits from both the male and female parent. As far as we know Wolfsbane K9 is the only kennel in America to offer puppies from parents who are both titled KNPV PH1 working dogs.

Please check this page for planned litters, updates on puppy arrivals and photos. In addition you may contact us to get information at any time. ​​​​​​​​

There is a difference with a Wolfsbane K9 puppy.

One thing clients love about getting a puppy is training it from the time it is 8 weeks old. This gives you time to get to know everything about your puppy and watch him grow and learn. There are advantages to both buying a puppy and adult but it is hard to resist those cute ears and that little baby face full of intrigue and interest in everything in the world. When you buy a Wolfsbane K9 puppy it will come with 24 / 7 help via phone, text and email. Plus we begin the house and crate training here from 4 weeks old. You’ll be ahead of the game from day one.

Top KNPV Bloodlines Produce Excellent Puppies. Matching the right puppy with the right client makes for a win / win relationship for life.