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Wolfsbane K9 is a worldwide recognized breeder of Belgian Malinois puppies for sale and fully trained Belgian Malinois personal protection dogs. We deal only in personal and family protection dogs. Our dogs are in service around the world in a wide range of jobs.

Your first conversation with us will tell you that we know our dogs, dog training and the Belgian Malinois breed. Don’t be fooled by Internet material that tells you nobody can own one of these dogs unless you are a trainer. After 35 years in training dogs we have an almost never ending list of happy clients who own a Belgian Malinois. Get started by submitting the contact form or giving us a call today.

Many clients come to us because they have a security problem and they need it resolved in a way that is safe for their family. You need a highly trained specialist and that is what we will place with you. Our kennel does not deal in Schutzhund, IPO or similar sporting dogs trained only to perform on a field. Wolfsbane K9 proudly sells dogs trained in the famed Netherlands KNPV program. Once we match the right K9 to the buyer we finish each dog’s training per the client’s needs. You get a dog with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as full health warranty.

In addition to offering protection dogs a big part of our mission is to help those who have served our country by participating in the military of the USA. We provide K9s at highly discounted prices to those in need of assistance dogs for things such as PTSD. Wolfsbane K9 is proud to also give a set number of dogs each year to veterans in need but have a lack of ability to pay. For us giving back is just as important as selling.

As a breeder of high level KNPV Belgian Malinois from Holland we put great effort into our litters of quality puppies. We want every puppy to grow up and have a job to do. In most years we have 2 to 4 Belgian Malinois litters and they sell out as much as a year in advance. Learn more about the KNPV PH1 program here.

Stunning Looks, Personality & Performance

Personal and family trained protection dogs

Belgian Malinois Puppies

Belgian Malinois Dogs

When you own a Wolfsbane K9 puppy you’ll have one with unlimited potential to learn and work. Healthy, working line puppies is what we breed for every time.

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Trained Belgian Malinois Adults

Our fully trained personal protection dogs can make your family safe and guard your home and property 24/7 against intruders.

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KNPV – Better Dogs

We sell and deal only in dogs from Holland where the KNPV program has stayed true to the working dog heritage you need. Our dogs come from stock that is true to the Belgian Malinois heritage as a worker.

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We take customer satifaction to a whole new level.

"Wolfsbane was fast to answer any questions or concern I had in regards to
the puppies. Once I received the dogs I couldn't have done a better job
myself selecting them. I highly recommend Wolfsbane K9 to anyone
looking for a quality Belgian Malinois at great prices."


"Today’s the one year anniversary of picking up Djaro from you in Scranton,
PA. What a great year it’s been with him! I can’t think of a better purchase in
my life and at our age, there isn’t much that’s impressive anymore, but man,
he’s been an unbelievably amazing dog on so many levels."


"We had such a wonderful and easy experience buying from Wolfsbane. They are
very knowledgeable and were eager to answer any and all questions we
had. We purchased a puppy in July '16 and he is absolutely wonderful and
extremely smart. He took to training very quickly and easily. We couldn't be


"We love our new addition to our family! Harper is a very sweet, smart boy
and already is protective of our kids! Thank you."


"I have three K9s from Wolfsbane K9 they are great dogs and these people
are willing to help in any way they can. They have great dogs, look
nowhere else because they are the best."


"The absolute best dogs around! If you are on the fence about which
breeder to go with you can't go wrong with dogs coming out of this kennel.
Our boy is more than I could have ever hoped for. Thanks Wolfsbane K9!"

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