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The Best Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale and Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs, it’s what we do all day everyday. The Belgian Malinois really is a multi-purpose breed who can be trained for many tasks including being a family pet. When you contact Wolfsbane K9 you are being assisted by more than 4 decades of dog training skills. Most of all you will receive old fashioned, southern service that’s friendly and honest. You will notice the difference.

The Belgian Malinois is an incredible dog no matter how you look at it. Despite the endless rhetoric you read and hear about how this breed isn’t for regular families that isn’t true. We can prove this by simply looking at the thousands of families who have one of our dogs and have no issues with it whatsoever. On our 50 acre facility in Northeast Tennessee we house and train dogs for clients from all over the world. Our business model is still small and old fashioned. Treating you fairly and with total transparency is the foundation for everything we do.

Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale

Wolfsbane K9 has become the go to kennel for those seeking the finest Belgian Malinois puppy. We produce 4 to 6 litters each year from parents who are DNA and X-ray tested. We do not just breed two dogs. Our parents must have signature qualities that we look for in all dogs. Great drive, social qualities, trained to do a job and a pedigree full of winners. These things and a few others could explain why our puppies sell out up to 2 years in advance. And, why clients come back over and over to our kennel.


Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs

Some clients can’t wait to get a puppy and train it. This is where our fully trained Belgian Malinois Protection dogs come in. We place about 75 fully trained, personal protection dogs each year with a wide variety of clients. While the client base is big the needs are growing faster than ever as America undergoes a rise in violent crime. Each client has determined that they need more security in their home or when traveling.

Second to None Trained Dogs

Make no mistake, a Wolfsbane K9 protection dog is second to none and that’s why each is fully guaranteed for health and performance. When one of our dogs stands against any felon who wishes to harm you that person will get a rude awakening.  Get started on the dog you deserve and protect your family.


Personal Protection Dogs. Belgian Malinois Puppies and Adults.

Belgian Malinois

Get the latest litter updates about our Belgian Malinois puppies on this page. Find out more about being on the reservation list, the parents of upcoming litters and pricing information.
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Belgian Malinois
Personal Protection Dogs

Our fully trained personal protection dogs can make your family safe and guard your home and property 24/7 against intruders. Nobody can change their “programming” which means your personal guardian will be ready for any vagrant coming your way.

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Belgian Malinois
Top Bloodlines

We sell and deal in dogs from Holland where the KNPV program has stayed true to the working dog heritage. Our bloodlines have been tested and proven to be some of the best in the world when it comes to sensible, working line dogs.

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Our Belgian Malinois Clients Say This …..

“One of your Holland dogs literally saved my life, and now I’m blessed to have two of them. They’re unbelievably well trained, not just to follow commands, but to read my anxiety and the intentions of the person(s) around me. They act without command if my life is on the line. But otherwise pose no threat, adjusting their intensity from a baby to adults.”
Jaclyn H.  Tennessee USA

“I think you’re the actual definition of “No B.S.” in the dictionary. We got two trained adults from you so far and will be buying from you as long as we can.”
James G.  Massachusetts   USA

“When the time comes we’ll be calling Wolfsbane for another PPD. Orion is simply awesome.”
David C.   Colorado. USA