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Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs


Belgian Malinois For Sale
Fully Trained Protection Dogs and Puppies

Welcome, we bet you came here like so many because you want the best Belgian Malinois money can buy. This is the place. These are the dogs seen in John Wick 3, Person of Interest, Max and other TV and movie roles. But don’t get a Malinois because of those films. Consider one because you have the dedication to make your dog as good as those.

At Wolfsbane K9 we will not tell you that you shouldn’t own a Belgian Malinois. Please forget the arrogant rhetoric you have read and seen all over the web. We have thousands of families and individuals around the world who are really happy they have a Belgian Malinois. We are a Belgian Malinois breeder with puppies for sale in addition to Belgian Malinois family and personal protection dogs. Our dogs are in service globally protecting high level targets. Sure, we sell dogs to celebrities, athletes, government officials and more but our goal is to help every client live their lives peacefully. Our protection dog buyers are satisfied because every dog we sell is guaranteed in both performance and health.

Your first conversation with us will tell you that we know the Belgian Malinois breed. Don’t be fooled by Internet “professionals” who tell you that you can’t own one of these dogs unless you are a military handler or Police K9 handler. After 35 years in dog training (15 with this breed)  we have a never ending list of happy families who own a Belgian Malinois. Get started by submitting the contact form or giving us a call today.

We’ll guide you with full transparency every step of the way on your journey to own the best dog breed on the planet. Finally, know that we when you get a dog from Wolfsbane K9 we are committed to the long haul. If you ever have a problem we will be here when you need us. We are old-fashioned to a time when a man’s word was his bond and you did what you said.

Puppy or Adult? Which is the better choice for you. Visit this page for some help in deciding.

If you want a real Belgian Malinois that is trained to do a job and we have them. Our goal is to get to know you as much as we can. We need to understand the things that make you want to undertake the tasks and rewards of owning one of our dogs. We do not sell a dog to everyone who wants one. Buyers are selected based on our belief that they can and will take care of the dog.

Many people come because we are a world class Belgian Malinois breeder and produce puppies second to none. Others come for our trained, Belgian Malinois personal protection dogs.  Our kennel does not deal in sporting dogs trained only to perform on a football field. Sure, our puppies can be trained to excel in any sport and many clients compete almost every weekend.

Once we match the right K9 to the buyer we finish each dog’s training per the client’s needs. You get a dog with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as full health warranty. And, while you are searching for a dog be aware that many (most actually) kennels are really dog brokers. They start looking for your dog after you pay and sell you whatever they can find. Every dog we have for sale is at our kennel and you can come and see them. We do not to claim to have a guy in Europe who can get you a perfect dog. We do find some good through a network of friendships built over decades but there is no secret agent involved.

Our goal has always been the same. For 35+ years we have trained dogs for families or individuals who need a personal security guard. Each dog is raised in a family setting with children and other animals. Safety is the chief concern when we place a dog.

A dog that performs in the real world must have a certain amount of drive to do it but he must be safe for you as well. This is a fine line to walk as many dogs are not right for “normal purposes.” We get that and will always do our very best to make sure the right dog goes to the right home. In the end client satisfaction is what we want but you can’t have that unless you place the right dog with the right client.

Quality should be a no brainer but if you start shopping around you will soon find that it isn’t. Some places will try to lead you to a dog they have in stock whether it’s what you need or not. The more they talk the more they tell you that this dog is exactly what “you need.” One of our keys to success is to listen to everything a client wants to tell us. Then our work begins.

We will gladly tell you if a dog has a particular glitch that won’t work for you. Most of our dogs are great with other animals but if the one you ask about hates cats, other dogs or alpacas we’ll tell you upfront. Just don’t ask about elephants because we have no current way of testing that theory.

Personal Protection Dogs. Belgian Malinois Puppies and Adults.

Belgian Malinois
Puppy Breeder

Get the latest litter updates about our Belgian Malinois puppies on this page. Find out more about being on the reservation list, the parents of upcoming litters and pricing information.
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Belgian Malinois
Personal Protection Dogs

Our fully trained personal protection dogs can make your family safe and guard your home and property 24/7 against intruders. Nobody can change their “programming” which means your personal guardian will be ready for any vagrant coming your way.

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Belgian Malinois
Top Bloodlines

We sell and deal in dogs from Holland where the KNPV program has stayed true to the working dog heritage. Our bloodlines have been tested and proven to be some of the best in the world when it comes to sensible, working line dogs.

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We take customer satifaction to a whole new level.

"Wolfsbane was fast to answer any questions or concern I had in regards to
the puppies. Once I received the dogs I couldn't have done a better job
myself selecting them. I highly recommend Wolfsbane K9 to anyone
looking for a quality Belgian Malinois at great prices."


"Today’s the one year anniversary of picking up Djaro from you in Scranton,
PA. What a great year it’s been with him! I can’t think of a better purchase in
my life and at our age, there isn’t much that’s impressive anymore, but man,
he’s been an unbelievably amazing dog on so many levels."


"We had such a wonderful and easy experience buying from Wolfsbane. They are
very knowledgeable and were eager to answer any and all questions we
had. We purchased a puppy in July '16 and he is absolutely wonderful and
extremely smart. He took to training very quickly and easily. We couldn't be


"We love our new addition to our family! Harper is a very sweet, smart boy
and already is protective of our kids! Thank you."


"I have three K9s from Wolfsbane K9 they are great dogs and these people
are willing to help in any way they can. They have great dogs, look
nowhere else because they are the best."


"The absolute best dogs around! If you are on the fence about which
breeder to go with you can't go wrong with dogs coming out of this kennel.
Our boy is more than I could have ever hoped for. Thanks Wolfsbane K9!"


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