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Wolfsbane K9 sells Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs

Looking for a trusted kennel that specializes in Belgian Malinois Personal Protection Dogs? Wolfsbane K9 sells Belgian Malinois puppies and adults and you are here because you want to own this magnificent breed. It sounds good in theory and for some it is a dream. Making it a reality to have your own Belgian Malinois should come after much thought.

There is something we would like for you to note as you visit other websites in this business. Most seem to be an “exclusive”  kennel for protection dogs. However, they also list police K9s, explosive detection dogs and the list goes on and on. Some even have the words “Police K9” in their business name. There is an old saying – “Jack of trades – master of none.” This seems to apply here. If you are a master of all kinds of dogs how can you be a master of protection dogs? At Wolfsbane K9 we do one thing and we do it right – Belgian Malinois Personal Protection Dogs. When you deal with us you are dealing with a kennel who truly specializes in placing great family protection dogs with those who need them. Belgian Malinois Family Dogs

You are adding a new family member who happens to be one of our “children” and we want a long and lasting relationship with you. You’ll be treated with honesty and we’ll take as long as you need to answer your questions. Try us and see. Every client is a family member to us and we will be here for you. We operate the same way older generations did when your word and a hand shake was all it took to make a deal strong. After 40+ years of training dogs we know how to make sure you get the right dog and not just another dog.

Size Matters

We keep our business relatively small and it helps us keep costs down. When you read about a kennel having 5 or 10 master trainers plus 2 office people and a vet tech on staff somebody has to pay for that. In the end it all flows back to you, the customer.

We are a small, family owned business. We don’t stock 50 dogs at a time. We answer our own phones, do our own website, shoot and edit our videos and photo etc. And of course we train dogs too. But, does this cut the quality of the dogs we sell? No way! Our dogs are as good as any you will find at any price and that is why we offer such a strong guarantee.

How We Are Different

Most kennels that sell this breed are trying to sell them first as a police dog and then a personal protection dog. Wolfsbane K9 recognizes the wonderful ability of the Belgian Malinois as a protection breed and family pet. We train and sell them for that purpose alone. Most often our dogs do start off with a title in KNPV PH1 which is training for the Royal Dutch Police.

But once we get them we turn them into a protection specialist. Go look online (chances are you already have) and search for personal protection dgs. Just look at how many kennels have dogs listed for police, military, detection dogs and somewhere in there are the protection dogs. Our dogs are specialists in protection and we don’t try to sell them as anything else.

Our Way Of Thinking

While many kennels offer dogs they say are specialist in the protection of children, women, executives or estates we do not. A fully trained dog is a fully trained dog. Our dogs will start protecting you from day one and they will never ask you if you are an executive or if you own an estate. It seems silly to complicate things by pitching a dog to clients as Level 1 or Estate Guard Dog. If you send our dogs out to do a perimiter search of your property they will do it. If you send them inside to look for a hidden intruder they will do it. If you have a jet or boat and want them to go with you they will go. What more can one ask for?

Our History


At Wolfsbane K9, choosing the right dogs and training them is based on 35+ years of real world training with dogs. Attention to detail is our priority. We do this to make sure each dog gets lots of daily attention, training and love. We must know exactly what we are selling you. Different dogs have different personalities just like people. We use our experience and understanding of canine behavior to guide you to the right dog for you. We will speak to you as much about your life as we do about dogs because that is what must be done to be sure you understand what you need and how we’ll guide you to it.

Our Training


Wolfsbane K9 combines some of the oldest dog training techniques from Europe with many modern ones from around the world. We have our own formula for success and it works. Most of our training is based on the reward system and operant conditioning. Some places are stuck in the past with training but we are always on the cutting edge and are willing to learn new things. Just like your dog, we never stop learning.

We want to sell you a dog that is so good he’ll just blow your mind. We do not train or sell dogs based only on pedigrees or titles. Our aim is to implement our scenario based training in ways that train dogs for jobs that you want them to do. You will get a real personal protection dog.

Our Guarantee


We offer a strong guarantee on the health and performance of our dogs. Clients will have the opportunity to read the full warranty on the official buyer’s contract. More than anything we want YOU to be satisfied with the dog you get and if there is a problem we will handle it without putting you on hold for weeks or months. It doesn’t matter if it is a puppy or trained adult we will address any issue no matter how large or small and make sure you get results. Perhaps this is one reason you don’t see complaints posted all over the Internet about our kennel.

We Are Not Brokers


We are not like the dog brokers who start looking for a dog after you pay them. We only offer for sale what we have and what we know well. Buying a dog from a guy who just wants to turn a quick buck is not only risky to your wallet it could be putting your family at risk as well. Every dog we sell is safe and has been tested over and over in many different scenraios such as with children, female handlers, other animals etc. We’ll tell you honestly what to expect.

Personal Protection Dog Pricing


We’ll sell you a better dog at a better price. Prices vary a lot from dog to dog and kennel to kennel in this business. You don’t need to be rich to own one of our dogs, just smart. We invite you to shop around and get as much information as you want. Remember, we are selling you a real personal protection dog that works in the real world and not on a staged training field. As far as our puppies we realize that they are more than some kennels but we know what we are selling you. We also know that will be here for you to back up our puppies should you have a problem. If you want a working line dog there is no better choice.

The Process to Ownership


When we speak to you on the phone we’ll ask some questions to get to know more about your needs. Some places use an online questionnaire but actually hearing your voice in your own words tells us much more. There are no right or wrong answers. We’ll just talk to you about your lifestyle, family and need for a dog.

​Most of our dogs can walk right into any home and be fine. However, some are better with small children or other animals. The point is, we want you to have the right dog and not just any dog. And, you will.

Once you make a purchase we will help you decide if you need a personal delivery or just some help via phone and email along the way. We can arrange either and we also offer an ongoing maintenance course to keep your dog sharp and ready to work at no charge.

You’ll have a 24/7 number to call and get help anytime for any reason.

We Import The Finest Belgian Malinois

Over the last 40 years we have found many things to be true in this business but two stand out and it has helped us maintain our reputation for having the finest dogs. One is that there are people all over the world training dogs and when you have connections with these trainers it affords us the opportunity to seek their best dogs for importing to our kennel. We are fortunate to have great business relationships with a few kennels in Europe whom we can trust. Secondly we have learned the hard way that just because a dog is imported it doesn’t mean the dog is better. Excellent dogs come from excellent training and not a location on a map.