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Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale
Availability Update November 12, 2022

2023 Puppies are $2800 plus any applicable shipping.
We are accepting deposits now for upcoming litters.


Wolfsbane K9 has Belgian Malinois puppies for sale with about 4 litters per year being produced. We know you came to us because you want a new family member and you want to know what we can do for you. In a nutshell, we are going to help you choose the right puppy and we are here for the rest of that dog’s life. About 90% of our clients come back for a second, third or more dogs in the future. Now, this list Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale will highlight some of the reasons why they do. It might help you decide where to get your Belgian Malinois puppy.

  • We select the best parent dogs from around the world. It’s not about breeding 2 dogs and hoping for the best, We know how our puppies will turn out right because we know which ingredients went into them.
  • Every parent is DNA tested to check for and rule out current or future issues with over 100 checked.
  • A Wolfsbane K9 puppy comes with a comprehensive health warranty that is the best in the business. In addition our veterinarian is available for consultation for your dog’s entire life at no cost to you.
  • All puppies are fully vaccinated, dewormed and have a quality microchip.
  • Puppies are raised in a home setting where they receive a lot of attention.
  • You can elect to have us train your puppy to any level at reasonable prices.
  • We remain available to answer your questions with most replies instantly or no more than 3 hours.
  • Air cargo, ground transportation or personal pickup can all be easily accomplished.

You really will get a puppy. Lately we have heard numerous reports from people who sent their money to scammers for a dog. The dog never came and the “kennel” they were dealing with no longer accepts their attempts at communication.

Our goal is to always make the buyer’s experience the best in the industry. Wolfsbane K9 doesn’t make you go through a bunch of red tape to own one of our world class puppies. Just contact us for whatever details you need.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We truly appreciate you and want to earn your business.

Here are some of the parent dogs in our kennel. More will be updated soon.

If you would like for us to train your dog information on this topic can be found at this link.

If you are debating between an adult dog and puppy we suggest checking out this link

Our puppies are bred to be natural workers with strong prey drive. We pay close attention to the hips, elbows and overall health of the parents and emphasize strong boned, dysplasia and congenital defect free puppies. Both parents are strong, working line dogs.

We release puppies to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks. In our experience it is best to get the puppies to their new permanent homes as soon as possible. This allows them to bond with each person and animal in the home while very young.

In many cases our puppies are sold out several months or even years in advance but there is a way for you to get a puppy. You can get on the reservation list and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of any breedings that are taking place. You must have a deposit on file.

Please check this page for planned litters, updates on puppy arrivals, and photos. In addition, you may contact us to get information at any time. ​​​​​​​​If you want an average puppy we are not the place. If you want a healthy dog who will excel in almost anything we are the Belgian Malinois breeder you want.

The Wolfsbane Training Program
Affordable Dog Training That Works

Realizing that many clients don’t have the time nor skills to train a new puppy Wolfsbane K9 began our puppy training program to benefit clients and dogs. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. We now offer the course in two tiers. Get information about both on our training contract page. Over the 4 to 8 week course we introduce your puppy to all of the basic on leash obedience commands. He’ll also be exposed to various environmental factors such as outdoor walks, horses, cats and so forth. The puppy will be exposed to small children.

In addition we also offer monthly training which can go for as many months as you would like as we work toward your goals. You remain in control of the direction of the training and the financial investment.

We appreciate your continued support of Wolfsbane K9 and try hard to provide relevant, accurate information to help you in your puppy search.

Puppy or Adult? Which is the better choice for you. Call us today and we can help you decide which is better for you.


“Five star kennel! When I went to pick up my puppy from Micheal & Pat they were the nicest people to get a puppy from. The yard and kennels were very clean. The puppies and adult dogs did not even smell. They answered all the questions I needed answers too. My Haley is so smart and I recommend Wolfsbane K9 to anyone who  wants a Belgian Malinios.”   Anna S.  WI  USA