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Wolfsbane K9 is a trusted Belgian Malinois breeder who regularly ships Belgian Malinois puppies from KNPV and some IPO bloodlines to California, New York, Florida, Texas and everywhere in between just in the United States. We also ship puppies and adults to International locations. Based on our reputation for quality dogs we offer some of the finest puppies in the world from our own imported parents. We raise only Belgian Malinois puppies and we limit the litters per year and per dog to make sure we turn out only the healthiest working dogs. We are not a puppy mill and buyers are carefully selected. That is one reason why our litters sometimes sell out for up to a year or more in advance. We try hard to breed the best Belgian Malinois puppies you can buy anywhere.

Wolfsbane K9 puppies are bred to be natural workers with strong prey drive. We pay close attention to the hips, elbows and overall health of the parents and emphasize strong boned, dysplasia and congenital defect free puppies. While some places subscribe to the notion that any two dogs can produce quality pups, we do not. Both parents are working dogs because we know puppies will get their abilities and traits from both the male and female parent. Dark Belgian Malinois

We release puppies to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks. In our experience it is best to get the puppies to their new permanent homes as soon as possible. This allows them to bond with each person and animal while very young.

Every puppy we sell is fully vaccinated, microchipped and given a thorough vet check before it is released to the buyer. Our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee and we back it up. 

We may not have any Belgian Malinois puppies for sale when you decide to buy one. In many cases our puppies are sold out several months or years in advance but there is a way for you to get a puppy. You can get on the reservation list and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of any breedings that are taking place.

Please check this page for planned litters, updates on puppy arrivals and photos. In addition you may contact us to get information at any time. ​​​​​​​​If you want an average puppy  we are not the place. If you want a healthy dog who can excel in almost anything we are the Belgian Malinois breeders you want.

The Puppy Headstart Training Program
Affordable Dog Training That Works

Realizing that many clients don’t have the time nor skills to train a new puppy Wolfsbane K9 began our puppy training program to benefit clients and dogs. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Over the 4 week course we teach your puppy to master all of the basic on leash obedience commands. He’ll also be exposed to various environmental factors such as outdoor walks, horses, cats and so forth. The puppy will be exposed to small children. A video posted on our video site shows you how to work with him and will be included. When you get the puppy at around 12 weeks old you’ll be able to start enjoying him on day one.

In addition we also offer monthly training which can go for as many months as you would like as we work toward your goals. You remain in control of the direction of the training and the financial investment.

We appreciate your continued support of Wolfsbane K9 and try hard to provide relevant, accurate information to help you in your puppy search.


Black Belgian Malinois Dogs

Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale – All puppies require a $500 deposit.

All Information UPDATED September 15, 2019 –


We are pleased to announce that K9 Celida and K9-Morris are going to have babies soon. The puppies will be ready to go around December 17th, 2019. They are $2300 each plus applicable shipping. Morris is our personal dog and is a direct Holland import. He is FCI registered and holds a KNPV PH1 met lof title – Score 435. Celida is from the Czech republic and is a well trained female who is very sweet with everyone. All of the bloodlines combine to produce puppies who are easy to train, extremely loyal and hard working.

FUTURE BELGIAN MALINOIS LITTERS – Early 2020 and Spring 2020
At the current time we are accepting reservations for puppies in late 2019 and 2020. Those puppies will be $2300 – $2500 each and all will be from strong working lines. The colors will be standard tan with a black muzzle or  dark sable with a black head and black legs.

Our Belgian Malinois Puppy Clients Say It Best –

“Five star kennel!! When I went to pick up my puppy from Michaell & Pat they were the nicest people to get a puppy from.The yard and kennels were very clean.The puppies and adult dogs did not even smell. They answered all the questions I needed answers too. My Haley is so smart. She does scentwork/nosework, obedience, and agility. I would recommend this breeder to everyone that would want a Belgian malinios.” – Anna Shankey

“I purchased my first Malinois from Wolfsbane K9 in February 2014. The entire process was seamless. Michael listened to what I was looking for in a dog and he chose the perfect one. Ronin is 5 years old and going strong. She has been a wonderful blessing to me. Her innate sense of knowing when something isn’t right is unbelievable. At any time during her life that I’ve had a question, Michael has always been available to assist. He doesn’t just place a pup and disappear. He is always available for as long as he is needed. He has even answered questions regarding my German Shepherd that did not come from him. He truly cares for the dogs and their families. I recommend Wolfsbane K9 very highly. They have surpassed all other kennels with their knowledge and their service. Thank you!” – Jen White

“It is always difficult making a commitment on a companion you will have for years, especially when you are anticipating using it for protection and counting on its ability to perform the way you would like it to. We purchase a puppy that just turned 15 months and has performed beyond my expectations and the ability of any other dog I have ever owned. Not only am I 110% satisfied with my dog, I am looking forward to getting another dog from Wolfsbane in the future.
Thank you. – Bo Jackson


Top KNPV Bloodlines Produce Excellent Puppies. Matching the right puppy with the right client makes for a win / win relationship for life.