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Belgian Malinois Puppy Training
July 9, 2020

Belgian Malinois Puppy Training | Get A Free Quote Today

Here’s a statement we get often when people contact us about a puppy.  “I want…
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Belgian Malinois Service Dog
November 15, 2019

Is the Belgian Malinois a Family Dog?

Today's post could go on and on as I rant about the self righteous "trainers"…
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November 10, 2019

Takoda | KNPV 2019 Reserve World Champion

We are happy to say that Takoda is here and already doing his work as…
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Belgian Malinois Mondio Ring
June 3, 2019

Iras and Brittney Score Again

From the email. Dear Michael and Pat, Iras and I road tripped up to Canada…
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Belgian Malinois Puppy
April 17, 2019

You Can Be a Star on the Big Screen

Wolfsbane K9 is looking for videos from those of you who are lucky enough to…
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Belgian Malinois Puppies
March 31, 2019

UC Davis Study – Wolfsbane K9 on Top

Recently one of our clients had her female, Belgian Malinois tested at UC Davis. The…
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