Want to Buy Protection Dog? Read This First.

It seems that there could be an entire book written on the subject of buying a Belgian Malinois whether it’s a puppy or adult. We haven’t written a book but we did write a short e-booklet that honestly tells you many important factors to consider when you are ready to take this big step.

At Wolfsbane K9 we realize that first and foremost this is a big decision and big purchase for most people. You don’t just go into this with the idea that if it doesn’t work you can simply return it. So, logically the thing to do is research every aspect. We encourage you to research other Belgian Malinois breeders and contact them with lots of questions. Determine for yourself who you want to deal with.

The e-booklet at the link below is free for the taking. It is based on our many years in this business and includes good things and bad ones we have seen. Hopefully it will be of some value to you.

When you buy a dog from us we want you to know that the first thing we breed for is health. Without it the rest won’t even matter. We hope your questions about the Belgian Malinois and buy-in g one are answered on this website but if not we are a call or click away.

Would you pay $25,000 or more for a dog? Do you want to know how this business really works? Here is a non-biased look at what you will face when buying a personal protection dog.

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