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Wolfsbane K9 is looking for videos from those of you who are lucky enough to own one of our dogs. Starting now you can submit your video using the easy rules below. We’ll draw 3 winners at random each week and award them some Wolfsbane K9 apparel. The rules are easy and here they are.
1. Your dog must be from our kennel.
2. You can include your family or yourself. But remember it will be used by us for promotional purposes.
3. It must be of good quality. Lighting, color, focus etc must all be good. It doesn’t have to be movie quality but get as close as you can.
4. The video needs to be at least 30 seconds in length but we would like one minute as a minimum.
5. Be sure to tell us what you like about your dog(s) as you show them off.
6. Make sure the file is in a commonly used format. Chances are if you record it on your phone it will be fine.

Send you movie to: [email protected]