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Good Afternoon Michael and Pat,
Hope you all had a fabulous Holiday and very Happy and Healthy New Year? Just wanted to send you a recent picture of Cairo, showing off his new harness. He is growing like a weed, now weighs 40lbs, and is doing amazing with Training, very nice full bites, not a lot of pressue yet, as his teeth and mouth are hurting from teething, but has now seen a puppy sleeve and just introduced him to leg bites. His Tracking is fantastic, as he just loves to eat. Lol. Hunt drive is still a work in progress but he does take a PVC pipe with joy and is now learning to take a Copper Pipe. He is so amazing with people, kids, and even getting a bath, nails and ears cleaned he is a champ. What a solid, very well bred dog that I have very high expectations for not only in PSA but breeding him down the road. Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you all again here in the near future for another dog. Have a great week and Happy New Year and 2018.
Mark and Cairo