Belgian Malinois Puppies
July 29, 2018

Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale Right Now

Wolfsbane K9 has some exclusive Belgian Malinois puppies that you may want to see. These…
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May 23, 2018

Belgian Malinois | Hip Displaysia and Broken Bones

Over the last few weeks we have seen some pretty incredible videos of Belgian Malinois…
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Personal Protection Dog
Protection Dogs
May 12, 2018

K9 Bartje – A Belgian Malinois With Holland’s Best Bloodlines.

  We have been working with Bartje  a Belgian Malinois male in the kennel for…
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Belgian Malinois biting.
Protection Dogs
May 6, 2018

Personal Protection Dogs | Unrealistic Expectations

There are some facts that every potential buyer should know and accept before investing in…
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KNPV Malinois Puppies
April 11, 2018

Belgian Malinois Puppies – New Litters Soon

We are super excited to announce the breeding of K9 Nemy  to K9 Morris. This…
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Belgian Malinois Puppy
April 10, 2018

Every Belgian Malinois Is Not A Protection Dog

I wish every potential puppy buyer would read this post .... but they won't. Each…
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Belgian Malinois Dog
February 19, 2018

Belgian Malinois Protection Dog For Sale

Here is a shot of Jari (pronounced Yaree). This dog is simply awesome. He is…
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Site preparation for new place.
January 28, 2018

New K9 Training Facility In TN USA

It's been several months now since we began work on our new 50 acre facility…
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