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Yesterday we went on our final trip with the dog that changed our lives and business. K9 Lazer was a dog who became part of our family. He wasn’t just a dog in the kennel. Lazer was so much more. He sired some of the finest puppies we have ever had. People who have a Lazer puppy are lucky to own one.

Several days ago Pat presented me with an idea that I immediately said no to at first. Lazer was supposed to be here until his earthly time was up. I had never considered allowing him to be anywhere else. I truly agonized over the decision to see him leave and especially since I had control over the situation.

It was over a week ago that a great client, Lori in Alaska lost one of the 2 dogs she had purchased from us. K9 Puck died in an accident when she swallowed a ball and choked. Neither Lori nor EMTs who were called could help her. We could feel her pain knowing how terrible the pain must be to watch something you love so much die while you are helpless to offer any aid.

Lori’s other dog Bowie who also came from our kennel went into serious depression because Puck was her best buddy. They did everything together. She has provided them with a wonderful life in the outdoors of Alaska. So, Pat asked me if we should consider donating Lazer to them with the benefit being two fold. Lori and Bowie would have a new friend and one who Bowie knows very well. Hopefully this would lessen the pain somehow and brighten their lives. And, with Lazer being 9 now it would allow him to live out his days in a wonderful land with lots to explore.

After a few tears, much thought and prayer I gave the plan the go ahead. We donated Lazer to Lori and Bowie. Leaving him in Atlanta yesterday was very hard but we know deep inside it is a good thing. Lazer will arrive in Alaska later today. We expect to see lots of photos and video as he creates more adventures in his new home.

In every situation we make it a priority to do what is right for the dog regardless of our emotional ties or feelings. We know this is good for Lazer.