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We have been working with Bartje  a Belgian Malinois male in the kennel for a couple of weeks now and he is so far proving to be a handful to work with as he is super high drive. He comes from the famed Kennel Arrack in the Netherlands. This dog wants to work so much he can get scary at times however we have been here many times with dogs like him. Bart (we call him that most of the time) is going to be molded into a one dog arsenal against bad guys. He is a serious dog with a take no prisoners attitude.

Having worked with hundreds of dogs like Bart we know that in 3 to 6 months he will be ready to take care of a person or a family as protection dog second to none. His obedience is already spot on and his bite work is solid so where do we go from here with a dog like Bart?

High drive or as we sometimes call them “really wired” need to be exposed to as many things as possible and get lots of praise and love. The protection is there, the drive is there and now we will use techniques developed by Wolfsbane K9 for Belgian Malinois dogs to make Bart safe families. If you would like to inquire about Bartje and get started toward owning him when he is ready please contact us. His finished price is expected to be $30,000.