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From the email.

Dear Michael and Pat,
Iras and I road tripped up to Canada this weekend, and she passed the introductory level of PSA. So she is now AKC CGC, mondioring MR1, PSA PDC – at only 2 years old!

She passed the carjacking scenario with 28/30 points – made all the more remarkable by the fact that her first car bite ever was yesterday. She wasn’t trained for it specifically – but stellen means stellen, no matter the circumstances, and she has ZERO environmental sensitivities – she rose to the challenge like it was nothing. Almost as if she had been bred for it…but oh wait…she has been. Belgian Malinois Mondio Ring

You have harnessed hundreds of years of selective breeding to usher your dogs into the world, and her phenomenal genetics make her a joy to work.
And then at the end of the trial day, she crawled under the sheets with me and cuddled.

Thank you again for the best dog I’ve ever had the privilege of sharing my life with.

All my love,
Brittney – Oregon – USA

P.S. It was hot, but I still wore my lucky trial shirt!