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The Free Belgian Malinois Puppy Winner – Wolfsbane K9 is proud to support our military who give so much and get so little. The winner of the FREE puppy and Training Package is Joshua K. Scott and here is his story.

“I joined the national guard in 2009 as an MP. I returned home and my unit immediately deployed to Iraq to support training the Iraqi police. While stationed in Iraq I had the opportunity to work side by side with deployed K-9 units and my love for the Malinois breed began that day. I got out after making sergeant E-5 in 2015 after I completed my two goals. The two goals were to secure my college degree and make E-5.”

Why he wants a Belgian Malinois 
“I saw what the breed can do from a working side and would love to have a companion that can help me strive moving forward, provide a protection element to my family while I am gone on trips and become a member of our family playing along side our three kids.”

Please join us in congratulating Joshua and thanking him for his support and service to our country.