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I wish every potential puppy buyer would read this post …. but they won’t.

Each day we get about 25 -35 inquiries about dogs here at Wolfsbane K9. Since puppies are much lower in price we naturally get more for those. I have never posted a complaint here our anywhere about client questions but this one drives me nuts. So, we’re about to go to school and get some education.

At least 9 out of 10 people who contact us about a puppy state that they want it to protect their home and family. Guess what? It won’t do either unless it’s trained to do so and that takes time and unless you know a lot about it you’ll need money. Protection dogs are not just born no matter which kennel it comes from nor what breed it is. In fact dogs are inherently afraid of humans for the most part if someone shows aggression toward them. To have a dog that stands up to people under intense pressure he must be trained to do this.

We sell lots of puppies that can be trained to do protection work but not every puppy from every litter will do this. We never guarantee this and if someone does you should run the other way. By the time our puppies are 7 weeks old I can use our testing and my person experience to gauge the dog’s potential outcome if trained properly.

Let me also dispel the notion that “my dog would protect me if somebody attacked me” line. This is wishful thinking and dangerous as well. If your dog isn’t trained to protect you and face off against a human and you risk your life too find this out you may learn a lesson too late. Remember, your dog may love you but I promise he loves himself more. The dog’s desire to protect isn’t based on love, it’s based on a conditioned response as a result of training.

In general the Belgian Malinois matures physically at 14 months and mentally at around 18 months of age. But these dogs are very intelligent and training must start no later than 12 weeks. We begin acclimation to sounds and human touch at 7 days and it never stops while they are with us. By 4 weeks we are assessing each puppy in every litter and taking notes. We now microchip them at 4 weeks to be sure all notes correspond to their number.

If you plan to get any puppy or breed from any kennel with the idea that it will grow up to protect you then you better have a plan in place to get proper training. If not, you’ll be very unhappy with the end result. I love it when clients get their dogs trained and send us videos or bring the dog back for a demo.

It is satisfying to know that the dog has met the expectations of an owner. If you would like to comment on this post we welcome your input. But, remember our rules which are no profanity of ANY kind and no disrespect toward anyone. Do this and we’ll delete your comment and ban you so please be nice because after all we are here because of you.