Name: Vienna | Breed: Belgian Malinois | Age: 3 Years | Origin: Holland | Certification Level: KNPV PH1 | Price: SOLD


Vienna is a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois with a KNPV PH1 title. I have personally been in the dog business for 35 years and saw my first Malinois about 20 years ago. We have imported and trained many dogs whom I would consider to be close to perfect but Vienna has raised the bar. She is the finest female Belgian Malinois I have ever seen. When working with a KNPV PH1 titled dog you expect excellent obedience on and off leash. You expect superb protection under any circumstances. Vienna does that stuff with a breeze and her protection is almost like seeing death coming after you. She is intense but there is so much more that makes her a perfect dog.

Vienna is 100% neutral with other animals of any kind. She will not bother your other dogs, cats, goats or whatever. You can leave her alone with them and know that they will be safe. She will play with them but never hurt them. Vienna is great indoors and won’t destroy your house. She was raised in the country and trained by a female handler which left her very easy to control with simple voice commands. She has already been spayed which saves you the trouble. You could look everywhere and pay any price but never will you find a Belgian Malinois better with children than Vienna. She likes to play fetch and will do it for hours. She is also fine just lying around and having her hair brushed and belly scratched.  There is no way to fully describe how wonderful this girl is nor what she can do. If you have always had a dream to own that perfect dog just once this is your chance.