Name: Saurus | Breed: Rottweiler | Age: 6-10-2018 | Origin: Holland | Protection Dog: Yes | Price: $27,900


Meet Saurus who is most certainly not a Belgian Malinois but he is a super protection dog. It has been many years since we have worked with a Rottweiler but recently we met a breeder who offered us two of his most prized dogs and we jumped on the opportunity.

Saurus is a really friendly boy who is very good with children and accepts any person as his friend as long as he is introduced. He does have that scary look typical of a dog with a frame and head of this size. That alone is enough to scare most criminals away but if it doesn’t he has a mouth full of sharp teeth with crushing grips.

This dog is impressive and will turn heads everywhere you go. He has already won the titles below in many shows. His bloodlines are impeccable and he will impress you.

Show Titles: Multi VÝBORNÝ, 3x CAJC, Vitěz třídy, Krajský vítěz, 2X BOJ,r.CAC,5x CAC, r.CACIB, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB

Every dog we sell comes with a full health and performance guarantee in writing. Contact us today if you would like to discuss Saurus.

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