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Name: Rico| Breed: Belgian Malinois | Age: 1.5 Years | Origin: Holland | Protection Dog: Yes | Price: $20,500


What makes a protection dog the perfect dog? When that dog exhibits so much at an early age that you just know what is to come. Rico is one of those dogs that fall in the 1% club of being excellent in whatever he does. His bloodlines, plus training to this point and a strong desire to please make Rico stand out. This dog is a rare find and brings a lot to the table.

Rico is fun to play with and hang out with. He adores children and is cordial to all people as long as they behave and don’t pose a threat to your family. Rico is becoming a serious protection dog and will protect you against any intruder or person wanting to do you harm. He fears nothing.

Rico is a dog that you can take on long runs or hikes, and he’ll be ready for more. He is excellent in the car and will guard it as you go about your errands. He has been handled a great deal by females and does not require a heavy hand to deal with him.

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