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Name: Nicklaus | Breed: Belgian Malinois | Age: Birthday December 28, 2018 | Origin: Wolfsbane K9 | Protection Dog: Training | Price: $4000


If you want a young dog with tons of potential to do any job then Nicklaus (Klaus) is for your family. He was hand picked from a super litter of 8 puppies for his color, temperament and ability to learn even at 4 weeks old. As he enters the 6 month old range he is doing great on obedience and has started some light bite work training.

Klaus is great with people and other animals but he also has a side that shows he will not just trust strangers. He has to get to know you before he drops his guard at all. He has no hesitation with biting the sleeve.

Currently Klaus is being trained toward a family protection dog and to reach his full potential he will need 12 to 15 months of training. He could also be trained only in obedience and leave the protection to his natural ability. This boy would also be very suitable for sport training or SAR. The thing about Nicklaus is that he can go in so many directions and we can take him as far as you want us to go.

The price will be determined by how far you want the training to go. Contact us today with any questions about Nicklaus.

Remember that 95% of our dogs never make to the website before being sold. If you need a dog we will honestly try to help you but if we can’t we will tell you when you contact us.

If you want more information about Nicklaus just contact us today.