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Name: Medic | Breed: Belgian Malinois | Age: Birthday November 26, 2017 | Origin: USA – Wolfsbane K9 | Protection Dog | Price: Sold


K9 Medic is very special to us. She was born here from parents K9 Morris and K9 Celida who have produced 3 winning litters together. Medic’s trainer through obedience and starting protection was Caroline Pyles who works with many young dogs for us. She did an outstanding job as the work is clearly evident.

Medic is very good on all obedience both on and off leash. She is super easy to control and will obey your every command no matter where you are with her. Medic is a 100% safe dog with people of all ages and in fact she loves kids. If there is one thing we can say about her it is – Family Dog, Family Dog, Family Dog. It is as if she was born to be in a great home with a family.

You can take her anywhere – parks, stores, city streets or country jogs and she will do fine. People love her and you’ll be proud that you own her. She is a fun dog and loves to play and be silly but she can be turned on to protection mode like a switch. She will show aggression on command by barking but if the time comes and she needs to bite she will not hesitate.

In the home Medic is excellent without a crate. She settles down quickly and enjoys chewing on a Nylabone for hours. She will follow you from room to room and she is quick to react to any sounds around the home by going to the source and barking. Nobody will get in without you knowing it. She will try her best to sleep with your kids (or you) if you let her and she likes to be as close to her people as possible. If you want her to travel just open the car door and give her a “climb” command. She will jump right in and be content to ride and see her surroundings.

Currently Medic is still very young to have accomplished so much. We want her to mature just a little more so that we can do even more scenario based training. Her price will include 2 to 3 more months of intense training. Even then at 14 to 15 months you are getting a stand out K9 who will be better than 99% of the dogs you see listed for sale. Plus you will instantly love her personality.

If you want more information about Medic just contact us today.