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Name: Maze| Breed: Belgian Malinois | Age: 2 Years | Origin: USA| Protection Dog: Yes | Price: $20,900


Maze is a super sweet dog who offers so much for any family. She is a wonderful dog for inside living as she has been indoors her entire life. And, Maze has always been with other dogs and animals.

Her obedience is very good and she’ll be fine on those hikes where you just want to take her off leash and let her explore. She’ll return to you with
just a command.

Maze’s protection is real but she isn’t over the top with it. You can feel safe without feeling like you have more dog than you can handle. If somebody shows bad intentions toward you she will give them a warning to back off. If they continue she will attack and won’t give up the fight. Like all of our trained dogs, Maze is not equipment oriented. She is trained to bite real skin and not just a padded sleeve or suit.

Trained females are getting harder and harder to find especially at a good price. Maze is worth every penny of her price and then some. Her genetics are superb as she comes from the famed Berry II who is her grand-father.

Every dog we sell comes with a full health and performance guarantee in writing. Contact us today if you would like to discuss Maze.

Contact us today with any questions about Maze. Remember that 95% of our dogs never make to the website before being sold. If you need a dog we will honestly try to help you but if we can’t we will tell you when you contact us.

If you want more information about Maze just contact us today.