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Name: Jack| Breed: Belgian Malinois | Age: 7-25-2017 | Origin: Holland | Protection Dog: Yes | Price: $23,900


You may have noticed that so many of our family protection dogs share a similar biography. That is because we put a lot of pressure on our dogs and ourselves to be the best. Jack is no different than so many of our top dogs.

Jack is imported from Holland where he was raised as a family dog. He is 100% child safe and would give his life to defend your little ones or you. Jack is a very happy dog who is always up for a run, hike or stroll on the beach. If he is with you, he is happy.

His protection skills are more than adequate and he will show aggression toward any threat which in most cases will cause the thug to head the other way. Jack is safe in crowds and has no problem with letting others pet him but his radar is always on.

Every dog we sell comes with a full health and performance guarantee in writing. Contact us today if you would like to discuss Maze.

Contact us today with any questions about Jack. Remember that 95% of our dogs never make to the website before being sold. If you need a dog we will honestly try to help you but if we can’t we will tell you when you contact us.

If you want more information about Jack just contact us today.