Name: Duc | Breed: Belgian Malinois | Age: 38 Months | Origin: Holland | Protection Dog | Price: $14,500


K9 Duc (pronounced Duke) is a nice looking male dog with an attitude that tells strangers right up front that he is watching their every move. While Duc was raised part of the time indoors with small children he is best suited for the single person or couple who have room for him to run and explore. If you are an active person and like the outdoors this dog will love you even more.

Obedience wise Duc is very good and responds quickly to commands. He is good on leash or off but is not responsive to heavy handed corrections. Using only the spoken command is enough to get his attention.

Duc is a hard dog on protection and takes it very seriously. He is in no way a dangerous dog but if the bad people come after you don’t expect to stop him. He won’t give up until the threat is gone. As with all of our trained dogs Duc will put your safety first and you are in good paws with him.

No crate is needed in the car as he will readily jump in and be set to go. He does well indoors but as we said he was raised only part time in the home so he will need some time to adjust to his new setting.

Contact us today with any questions about K9 Duc. Remember that 95% of our dogs never make to the website before being sold. If you need a dog we will honestly try to help you but if we can’t we will tell you when you contact us.

If you want more information about Duc just contact us today.