Name: Directeur | Breed: Belgian Malinois | Age: 4 Years | Origin: Holland | Certification Level: KNPV PH 2 / 2016 National Championship Competitor / Numerous Awards SOLD


Here is the plain and simple fact, there are dogs and then there is Directeur. It would be difficult to find a dog of this caliber for sale anywhere. He was trained by one of Holland’s finest trainers and it shows.

This dog is real when it comes to his obedience and his protection but he is so much more. Directeur is a very loving dog and can enjoy anything you want to do with him. He’ll hike with you, go on rides with you or jogging on the city streets. The amazing thing is that no matter what he is doing he pays attention to details and is always on alert.

In 2016 Directeur was selected to compete in the KNPV PH2 National Championship. Only 7 dogs in all of Holland were selected and he placed 4th which is an incredible accomplishment. His manners are impeccable indoors and he is a true pleasure to be with.

Directeur is 100% kid friendly and would give his own life to protect any family member after he bonds with you. He has been checked by the vet on a regular basis and is in perfect health. He is a proven stud dog with very impressive puppies sired by him.

If you want to own one of the finest dogs in the world this is your chance. As with all of our dogs contact us with questions and we’ll be happy to help you.