Name: Cairo | Breed: Belgian Malinois – Belgian Tervuren | Age: Birthday July 15, 2017 | Origin: USA – Wolfsbane K9 | Protection Dog | Price: $19,500


Meet Cairo, a little mix of two great things. Cairo is mostly Belgian Malinois with a little Belgian Tervuren but that is not what makes him so special. He is a dream dog in personal or family protection and he is not even 2 years old yet.

He is 100% trustworthy with children of any size as well as other animals. He loves people as long as they behave themselves. Cairo has been raised indoors from day one and is fine hanging out in the house or in his kennel. He is very clean in the home and not destructive.

Cairo’s obedience is spot on and his protection is without any hesitation. If you want a family dog who also serves as a bodyguard don’t pass up this boy. Dogs of his character and age rarely come along at such an attractive price.

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