Name: Cain | Age: 2.5 Years | Origin: Wolfsbane K9 (Born Here) | Training Level: Fully Trained Family / Personal Protection


Cain is simply a dream dog to work with and own. No matter where you are he is spot on with his obedience on or off leash. When it comes to protecting you or your kids Cain is very serious and will not hesitate for one second to launch an attack on any aggressors. He is on smaller side but don’t let that fool you this boy is trained well and has spent hours muzzle fighting as well as in different scenarios. He knows what to do and takes action. If you simply want him to let someone know they are about to get chewed up just give him the command and he will be by your side barking and showing teeth.

Cain has been raised indoors and behaves perfectly inside as well as anywhere you want to take him. He is a perfect gentleman and will allow anyone you choose to pet him. As far as children Cain is great and enjoys playing with them or just getting a belly rub. A dog like Cain comes along rarely and goes fast. Please contact us today for information about Cain.