Name: Brett | Breed: Dutch Shepherd | Age: 3 Years | Origin: Holland | Certification Level: KNPV PH1


Brett is another excellent example of Holland’s finest KNPV titled dogs. The Dutch Shepherd is a breed that we do not have often but when we do they are the very best of the breed we could find. This dog is large at about 100 pounds and when it comes to protection he is very serious. Nobody will cross you nor try to enter your home or car with Brett present. In obedience, he is spot on with commands the first time every time.

Brett warms up to his new family a little slowly which is actually a good thing. This means not just anyone can become instant friends and perhaps take advantage of you. Once he is sure you are his friend he will die to defend you. If you want serious protection in a bold and beautiful package contact us today about Brett.