The Wolfsbane K9 Way of Training Your Dog is Different

Professional Dog Training

Wolfsbane K9 Dog Training Way Is Better.
If you have a dog problem we can solve it and our work is guaranteed.

Each day we get inquiries from all over the world for specialized training for a dog the owner already has. The needs vary but the general theme is always the same. Our clients want a dog who follows his commands and minds his manners. Some people want a protection dog and some don’t. Many folks tell us they want a dog just like the one they have seen in one of our videos.

On a regular basis we are asked if we can train a dog the client has already purchased. Many have searched for what they believe is the perfect puppy or young dog yet they lack the skill or time to take the dog from where he is to what they envision.
Enter the new Wolfsbane K9 Dog Training Program.

Getting Started
We’ll assess your dog free of charge and give you an estimated timeframe and plan of action. You’ll get the details in writing with regards to timing and cost. Dog Training

Starting Training
Contact us today and tell us what your dog needs to do to be a better member of your family. The process has to begin somewhere and what better way than a free phone consultation?

Final Training Results
Once the final lesson or time has ended we will discuss with you how to proceed. Some clients are ready to begin more training on their own while others want to extend the time with us. Either way is fine and if you continue on your own we’ll always be here if you want to return the dog for additional training.

Cost of Training
We have designed a whole new level of prices to help you get the best training within a budget that works for you. When it comes to time and money you are always in the driver’s seat. Click here and see our standard training prices.