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The Wolfsbane K9 Way of  Dog Training Your Dog is Different

Professional Dog Training

Wolfsbane K9 Dog Training Way Is Better.
If you have a dog problem we can solve it and our work is guaranteed.

Each day we get inquiries from all over the world for specialized training for a dog the owner already has. The needs vary but the general theme is always the same. Our clients want a dog who follows his commands and minds his manners. Some people want a protection dog and some don’t. Many folks tell us they want a dog just like the one they have seen in one of our videos.

On a regular basis we are asked if we can train a dog the client has already purchased. Many have searched for what they believe is the perfect puppy or young dog yet they lack the skill or time to take the dog from where he is to what they envision.
Enter the new Wolfsbane K9 Dog Training Program.

Getting Started
We’ll assess your dog free of charge and give you an estimated timeframe and plan of action. Dog Training

Starting Training
Contact us today and tell us what your dog needs to do to be a better member of your family. The process has to begin somewhere and what better way than a free phone consultation?

Final Training Results
Once the final lesson or time has ended we will discuss with you how to proceed. Some clients are ready to begin more training on their own while others want to extend the time with us. Either way is fine and if you continue on your own we’ll always be here if you want to return the dog for additional training.

Dog Training Pricing

Puppy Head Start Program: Puppies retain knowledge better between the ages of 8 weeks and 16 weeks than they ever will. It is at this young age you just set the wheels of daily training in motion to create an awesome finished dog as an adult. This training is now offered in two tiers.

Tier 1: We start working on the puppies at 8 weeks and do it for 4 full weeks. It is not possible to fully train any dog in one month so please don’t think that is our goal. We will work several times each day to lay the ground work in areas such as. Come, Learn Name, Sit, Stay, Climb, Luring, off site situations. No house training is included in this package. $1000

Tier 2: This level will continue with everything started in Tier 1 but will also add in collar and leash conditioning. Sessions will become longer and the puppies will travel with us to various stores, parks and around the farm. Obedience will become more polished as the dog nears the 16 week old mark. Some house training is included along with access to our staff for questions for the life of your dog. $2500

Obedience Master Class: If your dog has achieved a certain level of on command obedience you might be thinking about taking training all the way. This 10 week program is the next step in the journey. While we prefer to work with a dog who has completed the steps above it is not required. If the dog has not completed the above steps we will have to do an evaluation prior to agreeing to take the dog on. This is not a behavior modification program. In this class your dog will begin to master obedience such as various heel positions, all common commands, on and off leash training with distractions, making sure other animals are OK. We concentrate on making sure the dog behaves properly in all situations and with all ages of people. This is not the final step to perfection but it is very close. $8,000

The Finishing Class:
Simply put this is where training takes the dog in obedience. You should never expect to stop working with your dog as far as training but we realize that people want to feel that their dog has reached a certain level of professionalism and trust in his behavior each day. In this 12 week course we will put pressure on your dog to truly proof him with many distractions. This is the pinnacle of his work thus far and the part that makes you proud to be his family. In addition we will try to address up to 3 specific areas you think he needs help with. This is the level of perfect behavior that Wolfsbane K9 is known for and you’ll get to own it yourself. $12,000

Monthly Training – Behavior Modification: We will address anything you want us to and evaluate the dog each 30 days to offer you honest feedback on our perspective. Each and every dog can offer us a range of challenges to overcome but we usually do very well in making your dog better. Anything from aggression issues to no longer listening to commands can be covered. Since each dog is an individual just like people we’ll develop a plan for your dog and give you an estimate in advance of how long we think it will take to complete the training. Monthly $2400.

Custom Training: What do you want your dog to do? We will be happy to speak with you and give you our input on what we can do to help you. A 20 minute phone consultation is free. The price will vary of course depending on the length of time needed and complexity of the training. In general the fee is $3000 per month before any discounts for multiple months are applied.