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Protection Dog

One question we get often concerns the real need for a trained protection dog. These dogs are not cheap and it takes a lot of training over 2 to 4 years.

The first thing we want to know is why a potential client wants a dog like this in their life. Do they have a threat already or perhaps they anticipate something. Is the crime going up in their neighborhood? It is often hard for us to say whether somebody needs a dog.

But, if we think you really don’t we tell you that upfront. Our business never has been nor ever will be about the money. If you take care of people all the rest just happens.


As far as a need for a dog we must take great note of anything one of our dogs did in the real world to save a client from harm or death. Here is what a client in California who has purchased 3 protection dogs from us says of a young, female she purchased not long ago named Willow.

“Willow saved my husband from a possible mugging while walking her at 10:30 last night. If my husband did not hold on to the leash she would have bitten the man in a dark hoodie. He ran away so fast! My husband said if that was Carlo (another dog from us) there was no way he could have held on to the leash. Carlo is strong.”

While we like to know that our dogs do the job we don’t enjoy knowing that our clients (family to us) are ever in danger.