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The Belgian Malinois and weather is something we are asked about very often. How do they do in extreme heat or cold? Here’s our best answer.

The Malinois is a dog that is known to have what is called a double coat. Dogs with a double coat have the pretty one you see when you look but underneath that they also have a wooly coat. The layer underneath (the wooly coat) is thick and close to the skin. This layer is the insulation that protects them from the elements.

In the winter the coat will be the barrier against wind, snow and frigid temperatures. This is why these dogs pay no attention to snow, blowing wind and such. To say they don’t feel the bad weather wouldn’t be correct but in weather that would have us thinking hypothermia the Malinois is thinking it’s a bit chilly today.

In hot weather the under coat provides a barrier that helps keep the sun and hot weather from going past the shiny coat we see on top. It’s sort of like their built in air conditioner. They do great in hot or cold weather and it all comes back to that double coat.

Last but not least the subject of caring for a dog with a double coat. It’s very simple and not much different than a regular dog. Brushing the dog once a week with a really good brush is one of the keys to having a happy friend. We use the Furminator brush which you can buy on eBay at very good prices. Unless your dog gets dirty by playing outside and so forth a bath once a month is sufficient. This is hard to offer advice on because each part of the country varies in environment. The main thing is to not allow your dog’s skin to become dry from bathing too often.

Just like the Belgian Malinois is a dog for many purposes and jobs it is also a dog for many environments and does great indoors or outdoors.