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We are super excited to announce the breeding of K9 Nemy  to K9 Morris. This will be another incredible litter of puppies which should be ready to go home around September 1, 2018. Both dogs are direct imports from Holland and are dark sable in color. Morris holds a KNPV PH1 title with a perfect score and Nemy comes from a long pedigree of KNPV dogs.

We expect these puppies to be average in size at 65 to 70 pounds as adults with medium to high drive. Based one the two parent’s traits we think the puppies will excel at a number of areas in training. The puppies are $2500 with a signed contract and $500 deposit needed to secure your spot. We are accepting deposits now and you may reach out for more information using the contact form at the bottom of any page or on the Contact Us page.