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Here is a shot of Jari (pronounced Yaree). This dog is simply awesome. He is fully trained in both obedience and family protection work which is great. But the thing that makes him so special is his demeanor with people. He is very gentle and calm plus he loves children. When you give him a treat you can barely feel him take it because he is so careful not to bite you when he takes the treat.

He is coming up on 3 years old which makes him mature but not too old. Jari was raised and trained in Holland to the KNPV level. His trainer there thought he was too gentle to get a PH1 title. That may be so but for a family protection dog he is perfect.

And nobody will touch the price on this dog for one at an equal level. Jari is $11,900 plus any shipping or delivery fee. He is 100% guaranteed for both health and performance.