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A few days ago we mentioned on Facebook that we would list some Belgian Malinois dogs we are selling at great prices as they don’t fit our program and need great, permanent homes. Before we list the dogs we will tell you that we will post photos of them in a couple of days when we get time. No photos, videos or other material will be sent individually. We don’t have time to do that and at these prices we are losing money on almost every dog. All are in great health and any dog can be shipped. So, here we go with brief descriptions.

Claire – 5 years – Black – Trained: No, but she obeys basic commands pretty well. She has been a great female for us who produced several litters. We feel she deserves a great retirement now. Claire will be spayed before shipping. She is not good with other females or animals but fine with males and people. $350 to a veteran or $700 for anyone. We’ll be very picky about her next home. Contact Us.

Duke – 2.5 Years – Sable / Black Mask – Trained: Yes, but he needs to be brushed up on things. Knows his obedience very well and does some bite work. Duke is a fun dog who is great for a family but he will never do exceptional protection. However, he is quick to alert to any sound outside. He does well inside the home and gets along with any dog that doesn’t bother him. Very family friendly and sweet. Duke is an original Wolfsbane K9 puppy. $2000 Contact Us.

Mishka – 2 Years – Sable / Black Mask – Trained: Yes, she has had some basic obedience but needs to be worked daily to get back in her routine. She will not make a protection dog. Mishka will be a great pet as long as no other females or cats are present. She would do well with a family and is safe for children. $1000 Contact Us.

Reika – 2.5 Years – Dark Sable / Black Mask – Trained: Some obedience and has a very drive to learn. Crazy for the ball. She could be an excellent single purpose police dog for drugs or explosives. She gets along with other dogs and is great for a family. She is on the small side which could be a bonus for some people. Reika is an original Wolfsbane K9 puppy. $1500 Contact Us.