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How about a little Sunday post to give you some information about the Belgian Malinois. Read all of this and you can feel your brain cells growing. This link will take you to the official breed standard for the Belgian Malinois.

You’ll find that some things will seem like discrepancies based on the things we see these days. For instance, the FCI does not recognize “black” as a color option. In fact they only accept fawn with a black mask …. or so they say. However I have seen black Belgian Malinois with an FCI registration. But breeders sometimes manipulate things to get a dog registered. This is why we never worry about our dogs being registered. In reality it means nothing because of all the cheating that can go on.

The “blue” Belgian Malinois has never been recognized and most likely won’t be. The blue comes from parents who both possess the “diluted” gene which produces the blue color. It happens in almost every breed but especially herding dogs. Both parents must have the gene and even then only a few puppies are ever born as blue dogs.

Use this link to learn more.